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Coating P. Materials professionally produces polyurethane adhesive and thermoplastic polyurethane and is the leading company that has the solution of polyurethane materials. Devoting to developing new eco-friendly materials, the products have reached the application areas such as textile, shoes, leather, furniture, and electronic industry. A huge amount of application experience has accumulated with each industry over 30 years. The Coating P. Materials can cooperate with the manufacturing process and equipment needs of downstream processing customers. It provides high quality and high added value products to satisfy customers’ needs.

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July 26,2022

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July 26,2022

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May 06,2022

Is the flexible packaging in your hand eco-friendly? Adhesive for solvent-free flexible packaging

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April 20,2022

Three ways to process eco-friendly furniture wood-Reactive Polyurethane Hot-melt Adhesive (PUR)

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April 08,2022

The key to eco-friendly textile laminating- PUD (water-based polyurethane dispersions)

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March 08,2022

High-Temperature Retort Pouch-Heat Tolerance Up to 135℃

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February 23,2022

What do you know about the food packaging of chips?

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March 23,2021

New laminating & bonding technology for automotive interior, PUR hot melt adhesive creates eco-friendly space

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February 26,2021

TPU materials offer eco-friendly options in making the advanced tubes and hoses

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February 03,2021

Bio-based TPU is now available! Selecting a greener alternative for sustainable future

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June 01,2022

2022 Dragon Boat Festival

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December 27,2021

2022 Happy New Year!

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December 20,2021

2021 Merry Christmas!

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December 10,2021

Being the pioneer of global green materials, Coating's biobased products stand out in the market.

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September 10,2021

2021 Happy Mid-AutumnFestival

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July 19,2021

Join us! Distributors Wanted Worldwide

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June 07,2021

2021 Dragon Boat Festival

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April 28,2021

【媒體報導】以精湛的材料配方為人生加味- 林棋燦董事長專訪

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January 15,2021



December 21,2020

2021 Happy New Year

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September 27,2019

Trade fair Plastics and Rubber - K 2019

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August 30,2019

China Adhesive 2019

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August 14,2019

Plascom Taiwan 2019

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June 11,2019

【Trade Show】InterPlas Thailand 2019

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April 12,2019

【Trade Show】 Polyurethanex 2019

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March 18,2019

【Trade Show】Coating Korea 2019

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November 30,2018

【2018 PLAST Eurasia ISTANBUL】One-minute Highlights

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September 07,2018

【ChinaAdhesive】Functional, Green, Innovative

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May 31,2018

【Trade Show】2018 InterPlas Thailand

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May 09,2018

Environmental protection is right beside us

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Touch Your Life

Coating Walk into Your Life

You can feel us everywhere; for example, coat, shoes, flexible packaging of food, sofa leather, and so on. Our products can make the end products better, and make ... ﹝Read More﹞

Main Products

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane.
  • Polyurethane Resin Series Products.
  • Reactive Polyurethane Hot-melt Adhesive.
  • Polyurethane Adhesive for Flexible Packaging Lamination.
  • Waterborne PU Product Series
  • Polyester Polyol.
  • SIPEG.
  • Compounding Thermoplastic Polyurethane
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