What is TPU HMA? The applications of TPU HMA

July 26,2022
With environmental awareness on the rise, nowadays people start to be aware of whether what they use is environment-friendly or not. HMA is shortening Hot Melt Adhesive. Especially qualifies for producing continuous production lines. In daily life, TPU adhesive applies to adhering stuff in many ways. However, what is TPU HMA? What area can TPU adhesive fit into? We will introduce more about the areas that TPU can apply for and its principles.

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TPUHMA Brief Introduce

TPU is called Thermoplastic Polyurethane. The main ingredient of HMA is thermoplastic resin or Athermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. HMA wildly applies to adhere to all kinds of materials. The feature of HMA is that when it's heating, it will become melting, otherwise, when it cools down, the feature will become stainable. TPU is combined of many soft segments and hard segments, so it's very flexible and has good elongation. TPU is a good capacity and mature material.

TPU HMA Applications

  1. HMA film

HMA films are a transparent membrane product, and they could lamination two layers of textile or other materials fast. TPU HMA mostly applies to textiles, mainly in form of transparent film, the other form is the membrane. The purpose of clothing using TPU HMA is to bonding textiles instead of sewing them. Factories can produce products very quickly; the speed is twice to 10 times faster. Otherwise, TPU HMA equips the feature of good flexibility at low-temperature and it's very suitable for fire hoses.
  1. Waterproof tape

Waterproof tape is also called sealing tape. Heat up by seam sealing machine or plastic hot-bonding machine apply pressures on the seams of water-proof shoes and camping tents. It prevents dripping, and leaking gas, and is anti-bacterial by using waterproof tape on the seam. Wildly apply to all kinds of textiles, like a collar, cuffs, and other fabrics. In any circumstance, it keeps good elasticity, glutinousness, impermeability, and flexibility.
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  1. TPU film and HMA

TPU film and HMA which apply to the no-sew process craft set off a revolution in other shoe manufacturers. TPU film and HMA bonding nylon net and TPU film together with fervent and high frequency. Using sheets and film-producing shoes reduces 25-35% of lathe work for a company, lower HR costs, and raises production speed. The advantages are not only loss of shoe weight, eco-friendly, but also easy to give and change color. To decorate the shoe's surface by printing and releasing a film.


1.  Waterproof sealing tape and sheets films

Property Hardness Tfb MI(2.16KG/150)
CH-700 70±2A 90±5 50-80
CH-752E 75±1A 105±5   3-7
CH-800 80±2A 112±4 10-25
CH-807R 82±2A 100±5 20-30
CH-808R 75±2A 100±5 70-100
CH-810U 80±2A 110±5 7-14 (2.16kg/190℃)
CH-812U 80±2A 125±5 35-45 (2.16kg/205℃)
CH-902 89±2A 113±3 50-75
CR-732U 72±2A 100±4 1-11 (2.16kg/160℃)


2.  Firefighting   

Property Hardness Tfb MI
CH-626H 95±2A 110±30 8-18 (2.16kg/190℃)
CS-630 95±2A 105±15 6-12 (2.16kg/190℃)
CS-636 95±2A 105±15 6-12 (2.16kg/190℃)
ER-88AS 88±2A 175±6 13-47(8.7㎏/200℃)
ER-8315S 85±2A 145±5 5-12(2.16kg/190℃)

TPU HMA applies to many products, such as textiles, waterproof products, and shoes. In producing process, not only keep up the excellent capability of products but also be eco-friendly that makes no harm to the environment. Coating P. Materials possess good processability and adhere to all kinds of materials. If you want to understand more product information, welcome to contact us!