Sustainable Eco-friendly TPU Medical Air Mattresses

July 26,2022
Recently, due to the aging society, people start to emphasize long-term care services. The products for caring for old people keep changing and innovating, one of them is therapeutic mattresses. When the elder family is sick, they have to lie down in bed,it comes to TPU Therapeutic Mattress makes elders live comfortably at home. We will introduce some knowledge of the TPU medical air mattresses, and how to make them.

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The Introduction of TPU Medical Air Mattresses

One type of TPU Medical air Mattress is diverse into two structures, which are called overlay and leader, and linked by a tube to balance gas. The main function of a therapeutic mattress is to release pressure on patients' parts of the body. However, the pressure is impossible to be gone totally; we need to change patients' poses regularly. A similar word for pressure releasing is depressurizing, when we keep the same pose in bed, parts of our skin will feel pain, so we must change poses, and this is called depressurizing. Bedsores are injuries to skin or muscles and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin, thus, releasing pressures is to prevent this situation happens to elder patients.

Introducing Casting Process

The casting process is one of extraction molding, also called T-Die. The casting process is diverse into 6 steps that are feeding, plasticizing, filtration, die extrusion, roller cooling, and winding.

The Advantage of TPU Medical Air Mattresses

TPU medical air mattresses have soft, are not muggy,and have good flexibility......those benefits, plus TPU is an eco-friendly material. It won't pollute the environment; we can leave a beautiful future for children. TPU smells not pungent and has no poison; it's no harm to the human body. There is no need to worry to use in long term.

TPU Casting Products

TPU Casting Products has good processability, wear-resistant, low temperature, and soft…those capabilities. Our production lists are as below:
Property Hardness 100% modulus 300% modulus Tensile strength Elongation at Break
EB-85AC 85±2A 75 170 330 850
EB-85AD 85±2A 70 120 190 400
EB-85AUO 85.5±1.5A 55 85 175 550
EB-90AO 90±2A 95 230 400 700
EB-90AC 90±1A 100 220 370 650
EB-92AD 92±2A 100 200 300 350
EB-92AO 90±2A 105 200 400 600
EB-64D 62±2D 220 360 500 400
Medical air mattresses could be made of different materials, one of them being TPU. TPU is an eco-friendly material and does no harm to humans, plus it could be softer and more durable. TPU Casting Products has good processability, wear-resistant, low temperature, and soft…those capabilities. If you want to know more product information, welcome to contact us.