【Trade Show】InterPlas Thailand 2019

June 11,2019
Coating P. Materials Co., Ltd. (CPMC) was founded in 1988, and specialized in polyurethane industry. With 30-year experiences, we keep working on developing high value materials and eco-friendly materials. Our goal is not only to solve the pollution problem, but also to provide the best product solution to our customers. Now we are going to bring high performance green materials regarding daily products in InterPlas Thailand 2019, such as Calendering Grade TPU for Eco-friendly Synthetic Leather which is mainly applied for all kinds of synthetic leather products; Melt-Spun TPU which can be weaved with other materials to enhance the performance of application products like good elasticity and good abrasion resistance; Solvent Free Adhesive for Flexible Packaging which is up to 135℃ high temperature retort packaging material that can be a reliable material options for customers; Reactive Polyurethane Hot-melt Adhesive gives the products flame retardant and yellowing resistance, and can be applied to not only textile lamination, different materials lamination/cladding, cupboard package, flat lamination, etc. but also to high value automobile fields.
We very much look forward to seeing you at InterPlas Thailand 2019 and would like to invite you to visit our booth, number 3A43 and to see the innovation of green material applied in our quality lives.
● Exhibition: InterPlas Thailand 2019
● Date: 2019.06.19-22
● Place: BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand
● Stand: 3A43