Being the pioneer of global green materials, Coating's biobased products stand out in the market.

December 10,2021
Artical resource: 經濟日報 2021/11/23
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In the famous World Cup competition, the football kick by the players has higher sensitivity than the usual football. The key is that it has a layer of film that coats on the surface of football, which makes the control capabilities have better accuracy and sensitivity. This layer of film is TPU. Besides the artificial leathers, the footballs, functional textile clothes, and sports shoes also come from TPU. Under the current of eco-friendly, TPU is widely used in the plastic industry.

The Coating P. Materials, which is established in 1988, is the supplier of TPU. It has branch offices in Vietnam. Polyurethane materials yearly produced about 50,000 tons. The main goal and research direction are to be eco-friendly, energy saving, and carbon reduction. We keep designing new formulas and cooperating closely with clients. Meeting the market demands, and becoming the global textile factory, shoe industry and even be the indispensable partner to high-tech industries. We insist on developing and innovating eco-friendly materials, which let us be reward the 2017 Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA-Taiwan Mittelstand Award.

Polyurethane is the basic material for all kinds of staple merchandise. Widely used in functional textile processing, food packaging, synthetic leathers, automobile materials, cables and, medical materials. Coating P. Materials mainly produces polyurethane resin (PU) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and invests large resources in eco-friendly polyurethane materials. Our vision is “Being the pioneer supplier of eco-friendly materials.”

Fig 1. The polyurethane materials of Coating P. Materials apply to many different areas, such as food, clothing, housing and transportation.

In the 1980s, Taiwan was facing economic growth. The manufacturing industry structure toward massive product outsourcing, made Taiwan become a “manufacture kingdom”. The founder of Coating P. Materials saw the opportunity, and rent a 10677 square feet factory to start a business. In the early period, Coating P. Materials was mainly manufactured PU and Polyol. The clients that buy our products start from the shoe industry to textile factories, 3C electronic technology, even to high-level medical industries. The SIPEG for textile is the specific materials that the chemical fiber industries want.

The key technique that Coating has is the polyurethane synthesis technique. Through the changing materials of formula, we developed kinds of derivative polyurethane products and accomplished the goal of high customization. Vice President Lin said we find the customer’s potential key needs and create different formulas to match the needs. From materials council, machine testing, problem-solving to product derivative, we provide continuous one-line service patterns, solving problems that clients have in different stages.

To create the market difference, it would need strong development teams and producing capabilities. Coating P. Materials established technique development team, spend a huge amount of money on researching clients’ processing techniques. Through designing new formulas and producing research and development, make the material exert its specific function, and let the clients understand the technological advantage that Coating P. Materials has. The Coating P. Materials has over 30 employees in the research and quality assurance department. In this department, half of the employees have master of doctor degrees. The research and development cost take 5 percent of the revenue, the capability of research and development can’t be underestimated.

Fig 3. Coating P. Materials has strong development team.

The concept of eco-friendly becomes more and more important than it used to be, and each country promises to reach the goal of carbon reduction and takes action. Western countries, China, Japan and Korea swear to the carbon reduction timeline. The green materials that focus on eco-friendly will be the future trend. Coating P. Materials has developed bio-based TPU, bio-based PU and bio-based POLYOL. Changing the manufacturing pattern of the plastic made from petrochemical materials and brings the sustainable concepts of product designs. Vice President Lin continues the concept of founder, and promises to let Coating P. Materials be the pioneer supplier of eco-friendly materials.

Vice President Lin explained the raw materials of bio-based polyurethane are corn starch, wheat and other nature resources. The bio-based plastic is made of using the biology, chemical and physics methods, and through the procedure of refine, ferment and synthesis. Compare the bio-based plastic to the traditional petrochemical materials, the plastic has the same function, but the resource can be recycled and reused. During the production, it has low emission of VOCs. Reducing the carbon footprint and is qualified to the current regulations of eco-friendly.

Fig 4. Vice President Lin is leading Coating P. Materials toward to eco-friendly and high-quality.

Since the 33 years that Coating P. Materials has established, we delve into any developing possibilities of polyurethane materials. The application area includes 3C electronic product, auto mobile and transportation, food packaging, textile, shoe materials and furniture. Food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment all have the products of Coating P. Materials. The clients come from everywhere. In order to face lots of orders, we bought a new factory at 2017, and it would be completed at 2023.

Vice President Lin said the new factory will add new production line of green polyurethane application materials, which provides sustainable and eco-friendly polyurethane materials to auto mobile, electronic product, shoes and medical market. Import intelligence and water recycle eco-friendly system, transferring the traditional plastic factory to green intelligent enterprise. Based on the foundation of last generation, Vice President Lin promotes industry to upgrade and transform to circular economy business model pattern and high-quality products, and towards to higher end of niche market.