Coating P. Materials beach cleanup, call 130 people, clean up over 1148 kg of waste, and make efforts for Earth's environmental protection.

May 04,2023
Coating P. Materials (CPMC) beach cleanup was postponed for 3 years due to Covid-19. This year, 2023, CPMC is celebrating its 35th birthday and also responding to the theme of Earth Day "Invest in our Planet", CPMC is holding a beach cleanup again. "Let's clean up the beach and make a big effort for the ocean".
On a recent Saturday morning, CPMC called together employees, family members, and long-term business partners to gather at Annie Lee Sunflower Farm. We were ready to clean the beach.
It was a sunny day. Farm guides led us to Dajia Songbai Fishing Port. There were 130 people divided into 6 teams to participate in the "Beach Cleaning Helpers Competition". One hour later, team No. 6 won the biggest prize, shopping mall vouchers worth NTD$10,000, and cleaned up 321 kg of garbage. In addition, 130 people collected a total of 1,148 kg of waste. Many long-term cooperation partners joined us on the day. We greatly appreciated Liqi Chemtrade, San Fu Chemical, Wen Zhan Company, Young Sun Chemtrade, Lee Chang Yung Company, UFF International, Taiwan Great Company, E C Manpower Company, Hua Ye Fire Engineering and Yang Luck International Manpower Group for their long-term cooperation. President Lin Chi Tsan presented them with certificates of appreciation. Since CPMC held a beach cleanup in 2018, we have called up about 500 people and cleaned up more than 3 tonnes of waste. We cleaned up the beaches in Dajia, Daan and Wanggong to keep these coastlines clean.





CPMC mainly produces polyurethane materials, and our products are used everywhere from sporting goods to soft food packaging to construction materials.   If you are interested in our products, contact us.
Environmental awareness is growing and climate change is serious.
CPMC's vision is to be the pioneer supplier of environmentally friendly materials. CPMC has been growing and developing environmentally friendly green materials for 35 years. President Lin Chi Tsan and Executive Vice President Talen Lin will lead us forward and work hard to leave a beautiful ocean for Earth.