The conventional industry is making a splendid turnaround. Lin Chi Tsan, president of Coating P. Materials (CPMC), is taking on a big challenge and making the industry highly valued.

April 27,2023
The president of Coating P. Materials, Lin Chi Tsan, is importing traditional polyol materials into high-value applications. He adds value to the products and then breaks new ground.

Article Resource: 工商時報 2023/04/27

"Have you ever thought about it? "Everything around you and in the future will be intimately connected with polyurethane resin products. What is polyurethane resin? "How do those plastic beads and liquid polymer materials become invisible but necessary in our lives? Let CPMP's President, Lin Chi Tsan, whose company was founded in 1988, share with us step by step his founding story and industry vision.
What does CPMC produce? What is polyurethane synthesis technology? It's a strange scientific name, but the word "PU" is familiar to us. CPMC is based on polyurethane synthesis technology and adjusts soft and hard segments.It also controls the characters. Then polyurethane materials can be developed.   If you are interested in our products, contact us.

Be one-hearted, so be professional. What we have made contains everything in your life. Nowadays, food safety awareness is increasing, and so many food packages are laminated due to the need for heat insulation, high temperature resistance and anti-leakage. For example, when it comes to common soft food packaging, consumers have little idea whether the adhesives are safe or not.

CPMC researches and develops solvent-free polyurethane adhesives for flexible packaging lamination. These green materials are applicable to various flexible packaging lamination. There's no odor and no toxic chemical pollution during the lamination process. Over time, consumer eating habits have changed and food is heated in microwaves or high temperature steaming. CPMC also offers adhesives that can withstand temperatures of up to 135 degrees Celsius.
When it comes to fabrics, CPMC offers many types of functional materials, such as TPU. TPU film has good wear resistance and can be applied to synthetic leather. Multiple raw materials help downstream manufacturers achieve industry transformation and get rid of being a sunset industry.
We can see the applications of polyurethane synthesis technology, including building materials, books, entertainment and various sporting goods. CPMC has an independent capability to research and develop new products. In addition, we can produce raw polyol, an advantage that gives us an excellent competitive edge in a rapidly changing market.
CPMC funded a research and development center in 2011 to provide customized services from customer needs to material selection. 10 years ago, Lin Chi Tsan saw the business opportunity from a leader's perspective. He realized that the conventional industry should specialize and develop new markets and products to import traditional polyol materials into high-value applications. This would add value to the products. So Lin Chi Tsan decided to invest in medical materials.

According to the data display, the global demand for vascular grafts in 2016 was over 300 thousand pieces, and the hemodialysis population in Taiwan is increasing by 27.5% in a decade. The number of people with chronic kidney disease is increasing as the population ages, which means that the demand for hemodialysis is growing every year.
CPMC funded Yang Cheng Medical Materials in 2019 to apply polyurethane to the medical field on a wide scale. The key development point is polyurethane vascular graft in a special process. Lin Chin Tsan looked at the type of vascular graft on his hand. He said, "When I started working, I didn't want to start a business. In other words, I didn't think too much and just did my job well every day.
Lin Chi Tsan started his business as a small trader 35 years ago. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. He devoted himself to the chemical industry. He recalls, "I've rarely had dinner with my family in a year, but I won't regret it, it's my choice. Surprisingly, some employees have worked for more than 3 decades.
"Leading from the heart is hard to do in a growing company, and the difficulty is predictable. CPMC is thirsty for talent and treats talent with courtesy. An interview was interrupted because the candidate's family had a car accident. The company helped the candidate visit his family, rescheduled the interview, and showed concern for him. For some candidates from other cities, we provide vouchers to reimburse travel expenses. We take care of our employees like our family. In 2020, Covid-19 has had a great impact on the global industry. Lin Chi Tsan insists on not laying off staff and ensuring benefits, as well as increasing inflation and daily subsidy vouchers.
When it comes to the eco-friendly issue, despite of feeling repelled, CPMC takes on its vision of being the pioneer supplier of eco-friendly materials.
Lin Chi Tsan said, "The perception of the chemical industry is negative because the technology is improving so fast. We strike a balance between providing customers with goods and chemicals and protecting the environment. Many years ago, CPMC insisted on investing in the development of environmentally friendly materials such as TPU. TPU is a polymer material that does not produce waste, effluent or VOCs in the process and the only by-product is water. In the general environment, TPU decomposes after 5 to 10 years through microbial action, which can reduce the decomposition time, and then returns to nature.
Zero net emissions by 2050 is within reach. The plastics industry can combine a circular economy from source design, use, recycling and reuse. CPMC cultivates in polyurethane materials to develop bio-based materials, including bio-based TPU, bio-based PU, bio-based polyol, PUR and PUD. CPMC brings products into a circular economy and differentiates brand value into several parts in the market for the opportunity of sustainable development.
Notably, Lin Chi Tsan not only keeps an eye on talent, but also makes all-out efforts in CSR. He has been donating to charities and holding beach clean-ups for over 20 years, donating to World Vision Taiwan, TFCF, Maria Social Welfare Foundation and Taiwan Lifeline International. He has also donated rehabus to the Taichung City Government for 4 years to demonstrate entrepreneurship.
Lin Chi Tsan believes in "taking from society, using from society". CPMC always helps others in their time of need. We participate in school activities and donate to NCUT's Fuel Cell Creative Competition, GTEA's Conference and NSYU's Chemistry Camp to encourage students to be creative. He also donates to his old schools such as Taichung Industrial High School and National Taipei University of Technology. CPMC has donated more than NTD$20 million worth of goods and money to charity. We are casting a brick to attract jade to influence other companies to give to charity.

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