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Our PU coating & adhesives make you have a beautiful and strong tent & kite.

Also, our TPU can be applied to footballs.

A happier and healthier life!

Product Information

1. Tent, Swimming Pool, Inflated Boat
It can be applied to all kinds of coating processing for tents, swimming pool, inflated boat and so on to achieve the waterproof and breathable effect.
a. PU-Polyurethane for fabrics coating
2. Kite
Applicable for the lamination processing of kite.
a. PU-Polyurethane for Fabric Lamination
3. Ball
It can be used include soccer ball production.
a. TPU-TPU apply for film and sheet
b. TPU-TPU Hotmelt Adhesive c. TPU-Polyester type d. TPU-Polyether type
​e. TPU-Injection Type