Flat Lamination

Reactive polyurethane Hot-melt Adhesives(PUR), its chemical structure of the NCO functional groups, and the moisture in the air crosslinking reaction, the formation of a great molecular weight of PU structure.

Solid at room temperature before use must be put to the oven or other heating equipment to a certain processing temperature (about 80-150 ℃), then the processing, so-called reactive hot melt adhesives.


  • Reactive Polyurethane Hot-melt Adhesives (PUR) use for different kinds of artificial wood lamination, furnishing work, cladding processing, and assembly wooden work. Features involve high initial adhesion and wide applications. Applicable for cladding processing of PVC to PVC, PVC to aluminum alloy and so on, also can be used for the Acrylic, PVC and artificial wood lamination.


  • Wood materials, aluminum materials, foaming materials, etc., that contains facial lamination with PVC films, decorated painting papers, wood veneers, and various decorated material.
  • Able to manufacture strings for door frame and chair, doors, triggers, poles, window frames, photo frames and so on.


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INQUIRY Item No. Appearance Viscosity (CPS) Characteristic Suggested Processing Temperature (℃)
PR-6495 Clear paste 7500±1500 (120℃) High initial adhesion and good transparency. 110-130
PR-6643 White, solid 16000±5000 (120℃) High viscosity and good initial adhesion.  110-130
PR-6645 White, solid 16000±5000 (120℃) High initial adhesion, good flowability and wide applications. 110-130
PR-6620 Yellowish paste 20000±5000 (120℃) Long open time, fast curing speed, very soft after cured, high tack & good adhesion. 110-140
PR-7093 White, solid 8000±2000 (120℃) High initial adhesion and open time about 4 mins, wide application and good flowability. 100-120
PR-6648 White, solid 14,000±3,000
Excellent edge bonding strength, fast curing speed, High tack and good adhesion 110-130


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