Cross-linking Agent for Water-based Polyurethane Dispersion

The series of cross-linking agent are designed for water-based polyurethane dispersions. It has the characteristics of high active isocyanate group (-NCO), which will react with the water-based PU resin to enhance the physical properties and mainly used in laminating and coating products.

Completely cross-linked products are durable. If the cross-linking reaction is incomplete, it is because the molecular weight is not large enough or the cross-linking density is insufficient, which is easy to be hydrolyzed early, and the finished product is deteriorated, damaged, water-washing resistance and water pressure is reduced. Adding the more cross-linking agent, the more performance well in bonding strength and resistance in heat and solvents, but it should not be excessive to avoid side effects.

Product Features:
+ Aliphatic isocyanate type cross-linking agent
+ With highly active hydrogen acid group (-NCO)
+ Without organotin compounds
+ With long polt-life cross linking time, low unblocking temperature, improve baking efficiency
+ Good compatibility and stability with other chemicals


  • It is an aliphatic isocyanate type cross-linking agent with high-reactive cyanate groups (-NCO), which will react with water-based PU resin to achieve outstanding physical properties, such as excellent adhesion, weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance and solvent resistance.


  • Widely used in water-based PU laminating, coatings and printing products, the cross-linking agent can strengthen physical properties, such as dry, wet grinding, rubbing fastness, watching fastness, bonding strength, anti-sticking resistance and chemical resistance.


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INQUIRY Item No. Viscosity
CA-803 2000-3600 16.9-17.9 Cross-linking agent for aqueous systems
CA-855 2000-4000 17.9-19.3 Cross-linking agent for aqueous systems
CA-833 -- -- Hydrophilically modified blocked polyisocyanate, low unblocking temperature (130 ℃) 
CA-835 -- -- Hydrophilically modified blocked polyisocyanate, low unblocking temperature (120 ℃)


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  • Storage Temperature: 5-30℃