Polyurethane for Fastening Tape

CPMC has successfully developed a series of polyurethane for fastening tape yarn bonding with good characteristics, such as
+ Long life span
+ Repeatable using for more than ten thousand times
+ Heat resistance
+ Low-temperature resistance
+ Drug resistance

It is wide applied to daily use.


  • High solid content, environmental friendly, high bonding strength, good elasticity


  • Two-component PU, yarn bonding for fastening tape (hook and loop), used in all kinds of clothing, footwear, luggage and tents


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INQUIRY Item No. Solid Content (N.V.) (%) Viscosity (Vis.) (CPS/25℃) Solvents Characteristics
YC-1735 35±1 100-200 MEK/TOL/EAC High bonding strength and rigid characteristic, no DMF
YC-1800B 25±1 100-200 DMF/MEK/TOL High bonding strength
YC-1800D 25±1 180-220 DMF/MEK/TOL Good bonding
YC-1800DNT 25±1 450-700 DMF/MEK/DMC No contents of toluene, organic tin and TPP
YC-1800DT 26±1 100-200 DMF/MEK/TOL Good wind and water proof, for TEDO fastening tape use
YC-1800DK 25±1 450-700 DMF/MEK/DMC Toluene free
YC-1800HD 25±1 300-400 DMF/MEK/TOL Eco-friendly, windproof, waterproof
YC-1800K 25±1 450-700 MEK/DMC/PMA High bonding strength, no DMF, benzene series of solvents
YC-1800KA 25±1 450-650 PMA/MEK/DMC High yarn bonding strength, water proof
No contents of DMF, toluene and organic tin
YC-1835 35±1 180-220 DMF/MEK/TOL High bonding strength
YC-1835EK 35±1 400-600 MEK/EAC High bonding strength and rigid characteristic
YC-1835HD 35±1 180-220 DMF/MEK/TOL High bonding strength
YC-1850H 50±2 10000-15000 MEK/NBAC/PMA High solid content, no DMF
YC-1870HD 70±1.5 90000-140000 DMF/MEK Eco-friendly, good bonding strength, good elasticity
YC-1870K 70±1.5 100000-140000 MEK/EAC High solid content, no DMF
YC-1900NDS 25±1.5 100-200 DMF/MEK Non-yellowing, anti-vitriol
YC-1900NK 25±1.0 150-250 MEK/DMC/PMA Non-yellowing, anti-vitriol, no DMF
YC-6000K 40±1 10000-20000 MEK/TOL/EAC/IPA It can be used to PVC heat fit and suitable for high frequency processing
YC-6000D 40±1 10000-20000 DMF/MEK/TOL Available in PVC heat adhesion lamination, for high-frequency welding process
YC-6000DK 40±1 10000-20000 DMF/MEK Available in PVC heat adhesion lamination, for high-frequency welding process.  No benzene series of solvents
YC-6870T 70±2.5 20000-40000 DMF/MEK/EAC Non-yellowing, for TEDO fastening tape use
YC-6870K 70±2.5 20000-40000 MEK/DMC/EAC For TEDO fastening tape use, no DMF
YC-6870EK 70±2 20000-40000 MEK/EAC For TEDO yarn use
YC-6870M 70±2 20000-40000 MEK/EAC/DMF For TEDO fastening tape use


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  • The above data are just for general reference and could not be used as guarantee document.