General Type

Adhesive, also named glue, is a kind of substance which sticks materials together.

Synthesized adhesives, which are made from synthesized macro-molecular compounds, are applied to industrial purpose.

We have reactive-based, solvent-free, and solvent based PU adhesives. It is broadly applied to many kinds of films or paper for flexible packaging lamination.


  • Designed to meet the specific requirement of food packaging, such as irritant products. The series of products are transparent, soft, heat resistance and high initial adhesion. In addition, it possesses higher peel strength for aluminum-plastic packaging products. Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of films, effective coating process, good resistance to aging.


  • Fit a variety of materials structure composite, applicable for BOPP, PET, NY, PE, CPP, AL, VMPET, VMCPP, paper, etc.


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INQUIRY Component A Viscosity (Vis.) (CPS/25℃) Solid Content (N.V.)
Component B Viscosity (Vis.)
Solid Content (N.V.)
Solvent Mixing Ratio Characteristic
CX-2022 1000-5000 75±2 CA-875LT 500-2500 75±2 EAC 10:10 Low Viscosity, Fast-curing Type
CX-2068 3500-6600 70±2 CA-880LT 1000-4200 80±2 EAC 10:10  
CX-2070 3500-7500 70±2 CA-885LT 4000-7500 80±2 EAC 30:10 Fast-curing Type
CX-2072 4000-6500 70±2 CA-800D 1000-3000 75±2 EAC 50:10  
CX-2270 1000-3000 62±2 CA-775LT 1000-3000 75±2 EAC 70~90:10  
CX-2522 1800-2800 62±2 CA-775LT 1000-3000 75±2 EAC 80~100:10 Low Viscosity
CX-2550 1000-3800 50±2 CA-775LT 1000-3000 75±2 EAC 80~100:10  
CX-2570 600-1500 70±2 CA-775LT 1000-3000 75±2 EAC 30~40:10  
CX-2750 1000-3000 50±2 CA-775LT 1000-3000 75±2 EAC 80~100:10  

Product Information

Product Plastic//Plastic Aluminum Metalized Film Aluminum//Plastic Retort Type
(Intermediate Temperature)
Retort Type
(High Temperature)
CX-2022 CA-875LT      
CX-2068 CA-880LT      
CX-2070 CA-885LT    
CX-2072 CA-800D      
CX-2270 CA-775LT V   
CX-2522 CA-775LT
CX-2550 CA-775LT
CX-2570 CA-775LT
CX-2750 CA-775LT


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