Fabric and Film Lamination

Reactive polyurethane Hot-melt Adhesives(PUR), its chemical structure of the NCO functional groups, and the moisture in the air crosslinking reaction, the formation of a great molecular weight of PU structure.

Solid at room temperature before use must be put to the oven or other heating equipment to a certain processing temperature (about 80-150 ℃), then the processing, so-called reactive hot melt adhesives.


  • Long operation time, fast curing speed, soft after curing, low temperature operation and high initial adhesion. After curing process, the bonding result shows high strength and toughness.


  • Applicable for lamination of TPU films, fabric to fabric, PVC sheets, PU sheets and fabric base lamination. Widely used in all kinds of clothing, light bags, bags & cases, medical products, water bladders, inflated beds and industrial fabrics, etc.


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INQUIRY Item No. Appearance Viscosity (Vis.) Modulus, 100%
Tensile Strength
Elongation at Break
Characteristic/ Application Suggested Processing Temperature
PR-6045 Light Yellow, solid 20000±3000 (100℃) 65-75 240-270 480-550 Long open time, high green strength, very soft after curing. Textile bonding for TPU film and mesh fabric. 90-110
PR-6065 White solid 5000±2000 (120℃) 60-100 >300 >700 Applicable for PU film, TPU film with NYLON, TEDO and high den fabric 120-140
PR-6501 Yellowish Semi-transparent, paste 6000±1000 (80℃) 27-29 170-200 700-800 Textile bonding for TPU film and water-proof fabric. 80-95
PR-6566H Yellowish Semi-transparent, paste 6000±1000 (80℃) 13-16 80-120 500-700 Low viscosity. Breathable type for fabric and TPU film lamination. 70-90
PR-6567E Light Yellow, paste 2000±500 (100℃) 25-35 >200 >400 Low viscosity. Breathable type for fabric and TPU film lamination. 80-100
PR-6568H Yellowish Semi-transparent, paste 6500±2500 (80℃) 18-21 120-170 600-800 Low viscosity. Breathable type for fabric and TPU film lamination. 70-90
PR-6569H Yellow and translucent  solid 9000±1000 (80℃) 18-21 120-170 600-800 High green strength, soft after bonding, excellent retention of textile products in water vapor transmission, excellent hydrolysis resistance. 70-90
PR-6593 Clear paste 13000±2000 (80℃) 13-15 100-120 400-600 Low viscosity. General type for fabric and TPU film lamination. 80-100
PR-6595 Clear paste 3000±500
10-12 70-90 800-900 For TPU film and water-proof fabric 95-110
PR-6510FR Paste 8000±2000 (100℃) 100-130 170-200 320-380 Long open time, flame retardancy, high green strength, Anti-UV agent 90-110


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