Coating supports the “Central Taiwan Burn Rehabilitation Center” to be established by donated one million NT dollars

December 23,2015
Taichung City raised money and entrusted Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to found the “Central Taiwan Burn Rehabilitation Center”, and it opened on 2015/11/29. In order to feedback society, Coating donated one million NT dollars to support this act of charity by Mayor  Chia-Lung Lin.

In addition to focusing on business, we actively participated in various charitable activities these years. Once Coating got the information of “Central Taiwan Burn Rehabilitation Center” through media, we voluntarily visited Chen, deputy chief of the Bureau of Social Affairs to express that we willing to donate one million NT dollars to response to this activity. Eventually, we reached the goal successfully that the “Central Taiwan Burn Rehabilitation Center”was founded and opened within a short time by people of good will to join this activity.

With the corporate social responsibility of “spending what we take from the society”, we actively participated in various charitable activities and developed Eco-friendly materials, it can not only enhance the convenience of human livelihood, but contribute to improving the environment to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

The assistant manager named Zhou-Wei Chen of public relations room rewarded Certificate of Recognition by Mayor Chia-Lung Lin on behalf of Coating.