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October 18,2018
  • Certificate from the Manufacturer
CPMC has been focusing a lot on the market of fire hose for more than ten years and building up a lot of reputation.  In order to meet the increasing demand from our customers, we are adding new services in the market, which means you could purchase TPU for fire hose directly from CPMC and get more services with technical supports! We believe this change will improve your purchasing experience and get closer to each other for better cooperation!
  • Our Achievement
Our TPU has been recognized by the customers with many characteristics, including good flexibility at low temperature, good hydrolysis resistance, good fluidity, and easy to process.  Take the market of fire hose in China for example, every one out of three TPU fire hoses is made by CPMC’s TPU. Furthermore, we also have 50% of market share in the entire fire fighting system, including rescue, transportation and extinguishing.
  • What We can Do
  1. Excellent quality of materials: CPMC provides TPU with good physical properties and stable quality because we have been dedicating to polyurethane industry for 30 years.​
  2. Abundant R&D energy: We provide customization with high flexibility to response to rapid market changes, and we provide various TPU which can be applied to most parts in fire hose, including lamination, functional film…and so on.
  3. Strong capability on technical service: CPMC has rigorous operational system.  We are willing to provide customized solutions for each case to meet the diversified customer needs quickly.  In addition, we also provide global support through the offices around the world with the advanced technology systems.
  4. Steady management and transparent trading style: we can conquer the severe market challenges with steady financial system.  In addition, our trading style also has an excellent reputation in the industry.
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