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June 21,2017
Won’t you long for a life in nature? While wandering in forests, won’t you long for what you are wearing that can prevent from rainy weather and is breathable and comfortable? Our coating material can fulfill what you long for. By wearing the waterproof and breathable clothes made of our high valued coating, you will not feel about your clothes and will feel good. Here is the amazing talk between Zhuangzi and CPMC. 

We works on polyurethane industry with 30-year of valuable experiences and keep developing high valued materials including PU for Fabric and Waterborne PU to meet the customer’s demand. Now, lots of international enterprises are cooperating with us. Moreover, we get the award of “the 25th  Award of Outstanding SMEs” and “Backbone Enterprises”.

PU for fabric
1.Feature: good physical property, good film strength, high glossiness, resistance to water pressure, good cold resistance, good flexing endurance, windproof, down-proof, waterproof, moisture permeability, breathable, good scratch resistance, solvent resistance, good dry cleaning ability
2.Our materials not only have excellent physical property but also can greatly reduce processing costs.
    (a).According to the feature of good physical property and resistance to water pressure, the coating amount will decrease and will increase coating yard.
    (b).We provide many kinds of low viscosity materials. Compared with other companies, our materials can decrease and save the amount of solvent especially in winter.
    (c).Moreover, thanks to the decrease of solvent amount, drying energy will also decrease and increase the speed of coating.

Water-based Polyurethane Dispersions PU
1.It is green material that can prevent from pollution and reduce the processing cost.
2.It meets the international environmental policy and the enterprises ‘requirement of solvent free materials.
3.Good resistance to water pressure and fastness of cleaning
4.We provide a variety of coating and can also customize, including scratch resistance, abrasion, good flexing endurance, water pressure resistance, yellowing and soft…etc.

At the time when CPMC established, we began to provide polyurethane and coating is our basis. That’s why we are named “Coating”. For the past 30 years, we keep developing a variety of high valued materials. No matter the problems of adhesion or synthetic leather, the best solution will always be provided by us to meet your demand.

Recently, we are awarded “the 25th Award of Outstanding SMEs” and “Backbone Enterprises”. We are thankful and will always keep our word to provide coating in order to meet the market demand.