【the 25th Award of Outstanding 】Observation tour for successful experience sharing of winning enterprises

November 25,2016
In March 2016, while Taiwan's people still lived in the atmosphere of lunar New Year, at the same time, Coating had quietly prepared The highest honor for small and medium business in Taiwan named “25th Award of Outstanding”. This election had hold for half year, and let us got many experiences, including communicated with consultants, first Trial, second Trial, etc, and these also become the footsteps which we had struggled. The past efforts we did were transformed into a series of “thanks” when we won the “25th National Award of Outstanding” on 10/27. We thanked government for supporting, we thanked the media for the interview and reporting, such as TBN, Economic Daily News, EBC and NOWNEWS, etc., we thanked the "Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs" for inviting us to the exhibition named " Small and Medium Enterprise Festival- Joint Achievements Exhibition". In the end, we thanked for the thing which Coating was selected to on of the successful experience sharing of winning enterprise for “the National Award of Outstanding” in Observation tour, and we invited many people including the Association Small and Medium Enterprises in Taichung, National Association of Small& Medium Enterprises R. O. C, and other enterprises to our headquarters, and mark a perfect ending successfully.

The “thanks” not only for external people, but for the colleagues in Coating. In the past, our chairman often said " the things we did, the biggest beneficiary is ourselves, and your efforts may get feedback after five years and more, you must have the patience to wait for the harvest time". We thanks our colleagues for supporting and executing. Ultimately, now Coating got many support from many people, and we will continue to create the perfect environment for our employees, shareholders, society, customers and the natural, etc.

CPMC got a lot of invitations from many people