【Good News】CPMC gets the 25th Award of Outstanding SMEs

November 02,2016
The winners of the 25th Award of Outstanding SMEs which was considered to be the Oscar prize for small and medium business in Taiwan were released on 2016/10/27. Coating P. Materials Co., Ltd. (CPMC) has focused on the field of Polyurethane for 30 years. Compared with competitors who purchase outside Polyurethane to produce, CPMC has more advantage for development of new products to provide customer better quality green materials and support Coating brand toward the synonymous of "eco-friendly materials", because we can provide powerful support for development of PU and TPU with our independent R&D and production capacity. These materials we provide get green certification named ECO PASSPORT and also meet other certification requirements likes REACH SVHC, RoHS, USDA, etc., it make CPMC go toward the vision of being the pioneer supplier of Eco-friendly materials and promote our brand to the global to advertise high-quality brand image of Taiwan. Finally, CPMC achieved the honor - 25th Award of Outstanding SMEs. In addition, there were many guests to visit the ceremony to congratulate and share our honor and joy to mark a good ending for the nearly six months of the selection process.
The "Award of Outstanding SMEs" was held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R. O. C. in 1992 for the selection of Small and Medium Enterprise in Taiwan that have a strong contribution to the society. On average, it select about 10 enterprises from 1,416,738 small and medium enterprise in Taiwan every year (source from the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs), and it also can be named the award of one in a million. Most of the winners are the models have global market leadership position or hold key technologies, and its financial and management system also have good shape, and actively promote the brand of Taiwan in the world.

In addition, many mediums like TBN, Economic Daily News, etc., invited to interview for our glorious deeds. The reports have been published including as below:
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