Coating-High-quality business case report by Unique Satellite TV

October 12,2016
Issue by CPMC
Coating P. Materials Co., Ltd. (CPMC) was founded in Taichung in 1988 and committed to the polyurethane industry for nearly 30 years.
We take "being the pioneer supplier of Eco-friendly materials" as our vision and strive to develop green materials regarding daily products.
Besides, we provide high value-added products and professional service quality to meet the needs of customers worldwide.
Thanks for the improvement and efforts of all our colleagues continuously, our determination in being the pioneer supplier of eco-friendly materials and outstanding performance were seen by the outside. CPMC are honored that the Ministry of Economic Affairs of high-quality TV interview us and the program will be broadcasted at October 13 by Unique Satellite TV No. 58. The program content will introduce about business process of CPMC and a variety of environmentally friendly materials. We sincerely invite you to watch!
  • Show time:
Premiere:    10/13  19: 40-19: 55
Replay:     10/14  16: 40-16: 55