Our products got the certification named "ECO PASSPORT"

June 13,2016
Coating's Reactive Polyurethane Hot-melt Adhesive(PUR) series of products successfully got the certification named ECO PASSPORT for the test of textile chemicals, and was also passed OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. It can show our effort to being the pioneer supplier of Eco-friendly materials and can allow CPMC to go to the market with high environmental standards requirements in Europe and North African deeply, and provide our products and services which we are so proud to more customers.

ECO PASSPORT was issued by TESTEX SWISS TEXTILE TESTING INSTITUTE of OEKO-TEX® Association. OEKO-TEX is a international certification differ from a variety of certifications which are related ecological textile, the most of they were accepted only in local country, such as Milieukeur label in Denmark, Swan label in Switzerland, etc. ECO PASSPORT confirm the production of human-ecological optimized and means that there is no harmful effect on human and environmental health of the textiles treated/finished with the products which was tested, and the content of test including the production process, human health and waste treatment.

The product which got the ECO PASSPORT means not only get health and safety, but also protect to the environment. Recently, the climate anomaly is getting worse, many companies increasingly realize the important thing that protect our environment and got the OEKO-TEX, such as Kleiberit. And now, the OEKO-TEX certification has been around more than 80 countries included Germany, China, Turkey, Italy, etc.

CPMC will continue to get certification related environmental protection in the future to build the green home for you and our next generation. Through the above, I believe you are interested in our products, why not learn more about it quickly! ...more