Polyurethane resin is applicable for fabric coating. It is a compound with high molecule which spreads on fabric layer to acquire one or several film through bind process. PU coating could not only improve fabric appearance and style, but also get the characteristics of water proof, water resistance, water breathable, anti-burn, pollution and reflection prevented.

Breathable and Water Proof Series

Product Description

  • In freezing weather, some clothes are designed to keep body warm and comfortable as well as water/snow proof, therefore, adding the function of water proof into breathable fabric to get the characteristic of breathable and water proof.

  • Due to human’s requirement is gradually rising for wear comfortable, Coating Chemical has developed the polyurethane products and technology for fabrics coating with breathable and water proof. In principle, it has spread PU coating on fabric to become surface layer, the layer covers over each space of fabric to get the function of water proof and breathable.    


Application to End-Use Products

  • High performance breathable and water proof has applied to costume and industrial fabric including anti-freezing clothing, sport clothing, motorcycle clothing, working clothing, and body-guard clothing, as well as for fire rescue brigade, army, and policeman, it is comfortable to wear under all kind of conditions.

Top Layer Coating Type

Item No. Viscosity (ps/25℃) N.V.(%) Solvents 100% Modulus
NC-5038E 350-800 30±1.5 DMF, MEK, TOL 30±5 For top layer of clothes use and high breathable and water proof.
NC-5169 400-800 30±1.5 DMF, MEK, TOL 30±5 Soft grade, high breathable and water proof. One-component PU, for top layer coating, PVC tapping is suitable.


Base Coating Use Type

Item No. Viscosity
N.V.(%) Solvents 100%Modulus
NC-5005F 350-800 45±2 DMF, MEK, TOL  15±3 High solid content, high breathable and water proof.
NC-5000C 350-800 35±1.75 DMF, MEK, TOL 12±3 Soft grade, high water resistant, breathable and water proof,
good flexing at low temperature.
NC-5001 350-800 45±2 DMF, TOL 10±3 High solid content, high breathable and water proof, soft gradewater,
pressure resistance and nice touch.
NC-5306 400-800 41±2 DMF, MEK, TOL  13±3 High breathable and water proof, for NCO type cross-linking Agent use.
NC-5005S 500-800 35±1.75 DMF, MEK, TOL  20±3 High breathable and water proof.